Surviving in this time

from the millers (3)I find that I have been having a lot of panic attacks these days.  I think it is because my usual routine has been interrupted so much with this Coronavirus.  I’m also worried about it which is adding stress to my life.  But these panic attacks hit at the most unusual times, when I am safe in my home doing simple tasks.  But it is overpowering.  I swear I am having a heart attack when it happens.  I have breathing exercises to do when this happens and some other techniques I use, but when they hit, they hit with a vengeance.

I need to come up with a routine and post in my house like so many are doing with their kids each day.  I am sure this would help. It is just doing it that is the problem .

On a lighter note, our Walk To End Alzheimer’s Walk committee in Athens is starting a challenge today entitled the Athens Flower Challenge.  We have “planted” Walk to End Alzheimer’s Flowers around town in certain subdivisions.  We are asking folks to go out and find the flowers and take photos to share on the Athens Walk To End Alzheimer’s Facebook page.  We will have prizes for those participating.  It is just a way to “color” up our world with the Walk To End Alzheimer’s Flowers and help raise awareness.

I have been serving on the state board of the Alzheimer’s Association for the last 8 years. I have had the pleasure of working with a lot of great folks including a lovely lady named Joanne Truffleman. We are both rotating off the board this year and the Alzheimer’s Association posted this on their blog today. Thanks for lots of great memories. You can read the blog here: Alzheimer’s Volunteers




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