The “new normal”

Will we ever get back to normal?  I am beginning to wonder.  And, when we do what will that look like?   It’s going to be a whole new world I think.

About six or seven years ago there was a study done by some institution (can’t remember who) regarding pandemics.  In it, it stated a pecking order in which people would be saved.  At the time, I was really upset about it, because people with Alzheimer’s or other dementias where at the bottom of the pecking order.  I remember my husband saying not to worry about it, because it would never happen in our life time.  And, he said, “besides, if it is that bad, you probably don’t want to be living anyway.”  I have often thought about that — and now I think about it a lot.  Many doctors are talking about “who gets treatment above others”. It isn’t something I want to think about, but I am not sleeping well — so maybe I am thinking about it too much.

Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day.  It would be nice to wake up and realize this is all a joke — we wish don’t we?  Three years ago on April 1st (no joke) I found out I had breast cancer. So, I find it rather ironic that tomorrow I will be going in for a mammogram and ultrasound for another breast problem. I don’t expect the same result but just the same, you worry.

So I have to find things I am grateful for.  My friends and family keep me entertained with their humorous social media posts, email, online chats and video calls.  I hate not being able to see my son, his wife and two kids, but at least I can see their smiles on a video call.  So far everyone in the family is healthy. My friends are healthy. I do miss my pickleball buddies and the exercise that provides.  One day — we will be together again.


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